In the Know

In The Know is a digital network showcasing the best Gen-Z & Millenial stories on the internet.


I have been a video editor, copywriter, producer, and translator, formerly for the editorial team and now for the commerce team.


Here is a selection of videos that I pitched, researched, interviewed / hosted, scripted, and edited.

Blackrican vegan delivers Latinx soul food across NYC

Best your friends at Super Mario Party with this great accessory for your Nintendo Switch

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is an Indigenous Mexican activist rapping for change

Brand Assets

I have sourced, scripted, and edited hundreds of videos for In the Know. Here is a small selection.

These giant trolls are made out of ‘trash’

Transform into creepy characters with makeup

Beth Neale is a real-life mermaid

This camper is also a boat and a bike

Animator makes incredible videos with toys

Meet the top athlete of finger sports

The Poet's Darling

In a collaboration with Sheffield Flourish, "The Poet's Darling" tells the story of Juliet through her writing and sketches. This animated documentary brings attention to mental health and the importance of sharing.

Trigger Warning: Childhood Abuse

The Ballet Club

Marketing videos for a ballet school in the Upper East Side that I filmed and edited.


A.S. Inc is a dark, satirical short film that I wrote and directed. It was selected by several film festivals around the country. 

Aux Now

Aux Now is Georgia Southern's already running monthly program showcasing their services and events. This episode, which I produced, wrote, and edited was a re-imagination of their previous format. It more than tripled their usual viewership.

Sticky Notes

Simple yet effective, this video was a collaboration to spread awareness about sexual assault. I produced, shot, and edited it.